Several years ago I became certified in a training system called Hypopressives, also known as the low pressure fitness method. This amazing core training system uses breath control to develop the abdominal muscles, and is by far the most effective way I’ve found to flatten the tummy and create shape in the waist, especially after pregnancy.

How the HYPOPRESSIVE Method Works

The HYPOPRESSIVE Method was developed in Europe by Dr. Marcel Caufriez in the 1980s as a non-surgical treatment for women with pelvic floor issues. It takes a  global or holistic approach to core health.  The  unique breathing technique and precise postures cause an involuntary action of the abdominals and pelvic floor. This  combination of varied postures, poses & breathing creates a vacuum effect that has the abdominals and pelvic floor unconsciously brought in and upward without force or pressure.

Is the HYPOPRESSIVE Method for you?

HYPOPRESSIVE are a great fitness option for you if

  • you suffer from a pelvic floor disorder such as incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or prolapse or would like to prevent such disorders
  • you would like to correctly strengthen your core muscles without causing unwanted, problematic pressure to the pelvic floor
  • you are interested in preparing your body for pregnancy
  • you are ready to recover your pelvic floor strength after childbirth
  • you aim to decrease waist size, improve posture, flatten abdominals, improve circulation in your lower limbs or improve athletic performance

Here’s a video of what hypopressives in action look like: