Are you getting results from your trainer?

pt_with_woman_on_ball_chest_press black and whiteI’ve head several of my past clients tell me that they used another trainer before and were disappointed in the results. What always surprises me is how long these clients stayed with these trainers. Sometimes they blamed themselves, saying that “if I worked harder I would have gotten results”, or “I didn’t have enough time”. My reply to that is that it is the trainer’s job to get you on a program that works for you, whatever your life situation happens to be. This is one of the reasons I like to use 10 or 15-minute “homework” workouts with some clients, especially ones that travel a lot or have small children at home.

Getting results is the only reason you have a trainer. His or her job is to create a situation where you achieve your fitness goals. If that is not happening, then you need to ask yourself why  you are paying this person a substantial amount of money every month.  A good trainer takes stock of your life and figures out how to get you where you need to go.  A good trainer will also be brutally honest with you and tell you straight up what is holding you back.  If you have a case-of-wine-a-week habit, and your trainer does not point out the fact that you drink too much, he or she has failed you, because you will never get the results you want unless you drink less.

If you have a trainer, he or she should also be accountable to you, not just the other way around. A conversation that starts with “you know, I was hoping for better results by now” may actually lead to some meaningful change in your routine, and perhaps that honest talk that you need. However, if the response is a brush-off or a “just keep doing what you’re doing”, you need to consider taking an alternate route in your fitness journey.

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Learn proper squat form

Here’s a video by Dr. Andreo Spina, explaining how to do squats correctly. Most important take-away: pretending to sit back into the chair. It’s an easy trick for anyone who tends to squat with their knees coming forward.

The 10-minute workout solution

woman weightGot 10 minutes between putting the kids down for a nap and having to start lunch? Then you have time to do a quick, energizing workout! It doesn’t take much time to get the heart rate up, stretch out and flex the muscles and feel great. Try this in a circuit:

20 bodyweight squats

10 pushups

10 squats with a lateral leg lift

10 plank hip rotations

10 pike shoulder presses

Watch the videos beforehand to make sure you know how to do the exercises.

Repeat twice for a nice burn! Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, even if you need rest between the circuits. Have fun! Email me if you have any questions: [email protected]