Farmer's Market - Organic VegetablesAs part of my fitness coaching, I provide nutrition advice to all my clients. Eating well is a challenge to the majority of us. The real key to good nutrition (and therefore weight loss) is finding effective ways to manage your time so that you can either prepare quick, but healthy meals or choose better options at the grocery store or the restaurant. Healthy eating does not mean expensive, organic food at every meal. It means supplying your body with nutrients that promote health and well-being and equip you to fight conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Eating well and exercise go hand-in-hand. Neither is effective without the other in restoring full-body health. I offer the following nutrition-related services:

  • full nutritional support (consultation, diet plan, meal recipes, etc.) with any personal training package
  • diet consultation specific to your needs: weight-loss, muscle gain, sports-related or general nutritional improvement
  • grocery store walk-through: the simplest way to show you what to buy at the grocery store and what to avoid

If you have any questions about eating healthy, email me at [email protected]