Weight Loss

former_fat_girlLosing weight is easy. But it is not simple. My specialty is showing you how to incorporate exercise and diet into a an easy-to-use system. Nutrition is a great part of losing weight, and simply “eating less” doesn’t work. The right foods make all the difference. Healthy eating is also skinny eating. I focus on teaching you simple ways of changing your diet that will result in not just weight-loss, but more energy (as opposed to crash diets), better health and even better mental clarity.

The exercise portion of weight-loss focuses on building some muscle mass to increase day-to-day caloric burn. Muscle is active tissue that requires energy to maintain itself, and having more of it will result in a higher energy balance. This is great news if you’re trying to lose weight! Even a few pounds of muscle will not only make you look leaner and fitter, but will help with keeping those unwanted pounds off.

If you have any questions about weight loss or fitness in general, email me at [email protected].