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The New Mommy’s Guide to Getting In Shape

by Tom Toth, [email protected]

Getting in shape sounds easy, but I don’t need to elaborate the difficulties a new mom faces with time management and lack of sleep! The goal of this routine is to provide a way to do exercise in 10-minute chunks so that you can fit bits and pieces fitness into your daily routine without having to take 90 minutes to go to the gym. But first, a word about nutrition:

Calories in:

  • The more processed the food, the more calories are digestible from the total included in the food
  • Raw food is less digestible, in general
  • Sugar and fat are not the enemy. They are both fine in reasonable amounts
  • Neither are gluten, dairy or meat, unless you show sensitivity to them
  • Food labels are sometimes grossly wrong, usually erring on the side of less than actual content
  • A combination of controlling what you eat along with how much of it is the best fat loss system
  • Completely eliminating foods that you like but think cause you weight gain will backfire in the long term. Short-term elimination diets for the purposes of sensitivity testing or such are fine
  • Try to eat around the sides of the grocery store: fresh produce, fruit, meat, fish and dairy
  • Vegetables are the lowest calorie foods in general per volume, and should form the bulk of the diet if attempting to lose weight
  • Severely cutting calories will undermine your metabolic rate, making weight gain guaranteed upon returning to a regular diet

Calories out:

  • the human body burns calories in five ways:
    • resting metabolic rate (RMR): the calories your body burns just to keep itself going. The brain requires a tremendous amount of nutrients at all times
    • thermic effect of food: some food takes a significant amount of calories to digest, the less processed and more protein, the higher the thermic effect
    • non-exercise calories: derived from all the movement you do (walking, picking things up, carrying the baby) that are not strictly exercise
    • exercise: all types of exercise, not just cardio, burn calories.
    • breast-feeding: producing milk uses about 300-700 calories a day, making it a big chunk of your daily total
  • cutting calories too low will undermine the RMR, meaning total caloric output will drop. This is why serial crash dieters often can’t lose weight on as little as 1200 calories a day.
  • focus on increasing day-to-day movement activity: daily walks, going to the park, climbing the stairs etc. all add to the daily caloric output without having to decrease food intake

Tips for the “10 minutes at a time” program:

  • start with the breathing routine, then the mobility drills, then the strength and conditioning program; breathing and strength routine can be done every day, mobility up to 3 times
  • learn to do the exercises properly before increasing difficulty or reps
  • if time permits, combine them into longer workouts