The Feel Good workout: Mobility and Flexibility

The goal of this 10-minute routine is to improve your range of motion, and stop those aches and pains that come with carrying around that 10+ lb bundle of joy! These exercises emphasize resistance at the very ends of the ranges of motion of various joints. Therefore to get the most out of them, hold each position for at least 3 reps of 5 seconds each. Relax between each rep for a couple of seconds. You may feel sore in the hips the next day after doing this workout but keep at it!  The results are cumulative and any nagging pains should start disappearing after about 3 days.

  1.  90/90 Hip Stretch: Sitting on the floor with both knees at 90 degrees, turn towards front leg. Lean forward to stretch the hip for 5 seconds. Engage the inner thighs to pull yourself closer to leg. Then, with arms hovering, push yourself up again.

hip 9090

  1.  Butterfly Inner Thigh Stretch: Sitting on the floor with knees bent and feet touching, put elbows on knees and grab shins.  Push knees up into elbows for 5 seconds, then use glutes to pull knees closer to the ground. Push elbows further down to meet knees in newly stretched position. Repeat.butterfly
  1.  Standing Inner Thigh Stretch: Standing with legs split apart, squeeze inner thighs together (without moving). Then shift body to one side while squatting down. Hold bottom position for 5 seconds while continuing to squeeze inner thighs together very hard. Switch sides.

cossack stretch

  1.  Hip Flexor Hold: Stand on one leg and lift opposite leg as high as possible with knee bent. Then use arms to pull knee an inch or two higher. Attempt to hold leg in this position without hands for as long as possible. When leg starts to drop, release, rest for 10 seconds and repeat. Follow with other side.

hip flexor hold

  1.  Hip Rotations: Holding on to something, lift one leg up into the air in front of you. Making the biggest circle possible, bring leg behind you, without tilting upper body. Bring leg back in circle. Squeeze muscles all the way around.

hip rotations

  1. Shoulder Stretch: With one arm up against a wall (hand higher than head), push palm into wall hard for 5 seconds, then use back muscles to pull arm back. Hold back muscle contraction for 5 seconds. Rotate entire torso so hand touches wall again and repeat 2 more times. Ability to lift arm off wall will decrease with each rep.

pec stretch

  1. Wall glide: Standing with back against wall, lift arms out to side with elbows bent. Try to squeeze lower back, neck, elbows and wrists against wall. While squeezing firmly, move arms up and down in a semi-circle. Continue for 30 seconds.

wall glides