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Services I Offer

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds (or a lot!), build muscle, get better at a sport or have an injury or medical condition, I'm here to help.

Whatever your goals, I'll find a way to get you there.

Weight Loss


The most important part of weight loss is building good habits. Those come from knowing yourself: what your body responds to, your likes and dislikes, your knowledge of food and exercise. These are all things you can learn!

Weight loss is not complicated, but that doesn't mean it is easy. Let me show you how to build good systems to not only lose body-fat, but to keep it off permamently. 

Strength and Conditioning

Who doesn't want to get stronger? The confidence of knowing your day-to-day activities are easy for you feels wonderful! Whether you think you need more "core" or your "balance isn't good", or "walking hurts my back", these are all fixable with a good strength and conditioning program. And the best part is there is nothing complicated about this!

My goal is to educate people on how they can live their lives to the fullest by building fitness, resiliency, strength, and mental and physical toughness.


Exercise With Medical Conditions

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Having a complication like diabetes, low back pain or arthritis is no reason not to exercise, and neither are physical changes such as a knee or hip replacement. I have experience with many serious conditions, and work with your physiotherapists to make sure your transition from treatment to exercise is seamless. 

Don't let health issues get in the way of being fit!

Athletic Development

Athletic strength and conditioning aren't just for the pros anymore. Whether you participate in organized sports, or you just want a longer golf shot, a carefully-designed workout program can make a huge difference. Build strength, improve mobility, eliminate weak points!

I've trained athletes of every age and experience level in hockey, soccer, baseball, golf, ski racing and many others. 

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