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Looking to set up a home gym? Here are several options I recommend to my clients, from the best bets for a basic setup, to those who have lots of space in their basement.

Need a specific recommendation? Looking for someone to design your space for you, no matter what size? Drop me a line at

Home Gym Equipment Recommendations

The minimalist list: if you have limited space, look no further! You can build a fully functional and well-equipped home fitness centre with easily stored, out-of-the way gear.

resistance bands_edited.png

If you have a good amount of room, your fitness gear options expand tremendously. Here are your best options.


Build Your Teen Athlete: Outdoor Gear for Sports

Do you have a teen that plays soccer, football, baseball or other high-intensity sports? This is the list of equipment to get to make them stronger, faster, more agile and more resilient to injury.


If you have a basement corner or a sun-room to use as a gym, the equipment on this list will be your best options. Several options for different budgets.

small gym.webp

So you just bought a giant rebuild in Leaside and looking to fill the basement with amazing fitness gear? Look no further!

fancy home gym.jpg
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