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Cool Stuff for Large Home Gyms

Room to spare and a budget to match? This is the place to find amazing-looking stuff that's sure to impress! From insanely good-looking dumbbells to a mirror that talks to you, the gear on this page will feel right at home in even the fanciest Leaside rebuilds.

Dumbbell Set from Pent

Pent is a Polish equipment manufacturer that makes absolutely stunning dumbbells and other fitness accessories. I mean, just look at these things below! And unlike most expensive, shiny things, you will get good use out of these because a dumbbell set is probably the most versatile piece of kit in any home gym. A full set with a rack is likely to run you around $10,000, though. Or more. My request for pricing was ignored.

For a somewhat less "oil-tycoon" look,  a set of chrome dumbbells will also look nice if you get a custom walnut stand on which to store them. Talk to your favourite artisanal bearded hipster carpenter about making one for you. 

pent dumbbell rack_edited.jpg

Tech-Gym Kinesis Wall-Mounted Gym

Another stunning-looking piece from Techno-Gym, this highly versatile and functional home gym system is the highlight of any space. It comes in two varieties: a sleek wall of chrome for the mergers'n acquisitions types, or a tasteful leather-and-wood finish that is perfect for modernist spaces. 

This is one fancy piece of equipment I'd love to work with, because it really does allow for a massive range of exercises. Being wall-mounted, it also saves space, although if you can afford its $22,500 price tag, you probably aren't overtly concerned about space issues.


Techno-Gym Elliptical Machine

Techno-Gym is an Italian fitness manufacturer whose gear is as pretty as it is useful. Their elliptical machine is a slab of chrome and black that can serve as a piece of modern art when not in use. It's definitely the nicest piece of cardio equipment I've ever seen, perhaps justifying it's eye-watering $20,000 price tag. Ellipticals have gotten a bad rap for being non-functional, but they are a good choice for anyone with mobility issues.


If you are looking for something more athletic, Techno-Gym's Skillmill treadmill is an amazing piece of gear. You propel the curved treadmill surface by moving forward or backward on the belt to control speed. 

technogym elliptical_edited.jpg

Tonal Home Gym

I probably shouldn't include this piece of kit, since Tonal's goal seems to be to replace personal trainers, but this wall-mounted multi-gym is multi-functional, with a built-in screen to help guide you through exercises. It is also a fraction of the size and cost ($4000) of the Techno-Gym Kinesis. It does require a monthly membership, which is currently priced at $50. 

Of course, the pay-off you get out of any equipment is dependent on whether you actually use it. If the (not-live) coaching feature of the Tonal helps someone get regular workouts in, I'm all for it!

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