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Why Train Online?

Want to work with a top-notch trainer (me!), but one-on-one is too complicated? Online training is your answer! Custom-tailored programs delivered to you through an app, with videos, detailed descriptions and result tracking.

Whatever your goals, I'll find a way to get you there.


How Does Online Training Work?

As always, I start with a detailed assessment. If you are not within driving distance to me, we do it over Zoom. We discuss your goals, previous exercise history, equipment available to you and all the other details I need to create an amazing workout routine for you. 

Then we talk habit formation, nutrition support (if needed), and how to get you in shape in the fastest possible way!

Is It Expensive?

One of the advantages of online training is its affordability compared to working with a trainer full-time. You still get a completely custom-tailored program based on your needs, goals and capabilities. Perfect for anyone who wants to access my experience and unique training approach!

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Who Is It For?

Training with me online is great if you are not within reasonable distance to me, or if your schedule does not allow for regular training sessions. It is also a good way to get your teen in shape for sports without the cost of one-on-one sessions. 

The QuickCoach App

The app I use is called QuickCoach. It is dead simple to use. I design custom workouts for you, you tick off exercises completed and write me feed-back. It's that simple. Exercises, habit building, nutrition advice and recipes all work within the app.

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