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Pricing Information


  • $120 per 90-minute session

  • health and habits questionnaire

  • detailed assessment of your musculo-skeletal system and movement pattern

  • detailed recommendation on the best way to achieve your goals

Fitness Training

  • $90+tax per 1-hour session

  • supervised exercise sessions

  • constant adjustment of the programs based on progress

  • programs for your own workouts included

  • nutrition support included

Small Group Training

  • $35+tax per person

  • minimum 5 people per group

  •  can be in-home or at a local fitness facility of our mutual choice

  • choose your focus: strength and conditioning, mobility, postural restoration

Program Design and Nutrition

  • $100 per month for on-going program design

  • $50-month for on-going nutrition support

  • includes monthly updates for workouts to do on your own, at home or in a gym

  • nutrition plan includes meal plans and shopping list

Why Train With Me?

  1. Experience: 30,000 hours of personal training sessions and counting.

  2. Knowledge: I study. A lot. I strive to know more about the human body every day.

  3. Workout routines and nutrition plans based on what works, not fads or influencers.

  4. A focus on habit-change. Without improving your daily habits, goals will always be elusive.

  5. I show up. You get your workout in. Every week.


  1. Home or condo gym design: if you don't have equipment at home, I will recommend a list and order/purchase it for you at no extra cost.

  2. I'll show you how to cook simple but super-healthy meals. Cooking for yourself is one of the healthiest changes you can make.

  3. Programs for the road: if you travel a lot, I will supply you with workouts for hotel gyms to keep your routine going.

  4. Use my connections: I know all the best physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists in the area.

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